Carly Markkanen inspired and invited a group of her Arts Management classmates to form Selkokulttuuri. We are different but sharing the same values of diversity, equality and inclusivity for the cultural field. 


Carly Markkanen


Carly Markkanen is a British musician and arts manager. She has a wide range of experience from performance to arts administration to research. She has also trained as a workshop leader and spent several years leading community music projects and teaching in London before moving to Finland. You can contact Carly in English or Finnish.


Jenni Pekkarinen


Jenni Pekkarinen is a Finnish-born cultural producer with a background in production, project management, marketing & comms, and strategic planning in the fields of arts, culture, and events. She is specifically interested in contemporary art, cultural planning, audience engagement, and sustainability. Having lived abroad for several years – mainly in South America – and having worked and studied in diverse environments, she has grown to greatly appreciate the potential of intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork. You can contact Jenni in Finnish, English, or Spanish.


Lisa Bomash


Elizaveta (Lisa) Bomash is a Russian-born arts administrator and cultural entrepreneur. Her professional background includes audience development and festival administration in fields such as drama theatre, jazz music, and film. Living and working in culturally diverse workspaces in New Zealand for the last 8 years, she maintains a keen interest in international networking, cross-cultural cooperation, and sustainable non-profits. You can contact Lisa in Russian, English, German, or Selkosuomi.


Maija Kühn


Maija Kühn is a Finnish-born marketing and communications professional. She has worked several years in simplifying the communications and developing more accessible services for the customers both in public and private sectors. Maija has lived several years in German speaking countries, raising also her children to appreciate different cultures and cultural habits. You can contact Maija in Finnish, English, German and Swedish.


Sini Kaartinen

Board member / accessibility expert

Sini Kaartinen is a Finnish-born production professional who has worked in the field of arts and culture for ten years. She has written a book Events for All – accessibility in cultural events and been working as a specialist in accessibility questions. Her hobbies are cultural policy activism and making the world more equal. Sini has a home in Finland and in France. You can contact her in Finnish, English, Swedish or French.