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Accessible Associations

The Accessible Associations project aims to improve access to participating in associations by creating material in plain language.


What is an association?


An association is a non-profit group founded with a common purpose, for example for cultural or social causes, hobby groups, trade associations or political parties. Over 1300 associations were founded in Finland in 2023 alone (source: PRH). 


What kind of material will be created?


The material will be free-to-use and created directly in response to the needs of people experiencing barriers to their association participation. This means that we don’t yet know exactly what information and material you would like to see! 

We are collecting this information via survey and at drop-in clinics. By filling out the survey you help us to understand what challenges, barriers and benefits you experience in association participation so that we can create material that would be beneficial to you. The survey will be available until 31 May 2024:


You can fill out the survey in English via this link:

You can fill out the survey in Finnish via this link:


Or you can visit us at one of our drop-in clinics where you can talk to us directly about your experiences or challenges, ask questions and get support at:

Online via Zoom on Monday 15 April from 15:00-18:00. You can register for the zoom link via this form:

Globe Art Point on Thursday 25 April from 15:00-18:00

Moniheli (date to be confirmed)


Why do we need accessible information about associations?


Freedom of association is a universal right in Finland and is enshrined as one of the basic political rights in the Finnish constitution. However, some people may experience language (or other) barriers to founding their own associations or participating in one as a member or board member. Accessible information aims to empower more people to be able to exercise their universal right to freedom of association and enjoy the benefits of association participation.


If you have any questions about the Accessible Associations project, please contact our project manager: Carly Markkanen,


The Accessible Associations project is supported by Moniheli.

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