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About Us: Who We Are

Carly Markkanen


Carly Markkanen is a British musician and arts manager. She has a wide range of experience from performance to arts administration to research. She has also trained as a workshop leader and spent several years leading community music projects and teaching in London before moving to Finland. You can contact Carly in English or Finnish.


Jenni Pekkarinen

Gallery tours producer / Treasurer

I am the treasurer of Selkokulttuuri association and producer of gallery tours in simplified Finnish. I am interested in contemporary arts, cultural policy, sustainability and matters related to accessibility, diversity and equality. You can contact me about exhibition tours in Finnish, English, Spanish or Swedish.


Lisa Bomash

Satuhetki Selkosuomeksi producer / Board member

As a member of the Selkokulttuuri team I combine my enthusiasm for storytelling and experience in cultural production in the Satuhetki Selkosuomeksi project. Contact me if you’d like to learn how to increase cultural representation in your community through hearing and sharing stories. You can get in touch with me in Russian, English, German, or simple Finnish.


Maija Kühn


Maija Kühn is a Finnish-born marketing and communications professional. She has worked several years in simplifying the communications and developing more accessible services for the customers both in public and private sectors. You can contact Maija in Finnish, English, German and Swedish.


Sini Kaartinen (she/her)

Equality specialist / Vice-chair

As an equality specialist I am responsible for taking care that our events and actions are equal, accessible, and safe space for the participants. Also, I am one of the simplified Finnish writers and responsible for the monthly Kulttuuriuutiset. You can contact me about these matters in Finnish, English, Swedish or French.

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